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Backtracking just a bit

Posted in sports on June 24, 2010 by Jonathan

Much of what I wrote a few days ago regarding the World Cup still stands, but I have to say that that last-minute American goal was spectacular and deserves to be a piece of sports history and a point of national pride.

UPDATE: The world’s reaction to the goal:

[HT: Martin Rogers, Yahoo! Sports]

What all the noise is about

Posted in sports on June 15, 2010 by Jonathan

My experience with the World Cup thus far has been watching twenty minutes of the Netherlands play Denmark. I can’t express how underwhelmed I was. You can tell I’m an American because of that sentence.

Don’t get me wrong: Soccer is fun to play. But I’ve found that watching it on TV is akin to watching your friends play board games; if you aren’t in on the action, it’s kind of, eh. (Again my nationality seeps through.) Maybe some of this is due to the fact that I’m not wild about the whole tied-game thing. Give me a sport that has winners and losers.

Still, the games go on, and just to be worldy I’ll give them a look-see now and then.

(PS. I can see how people are infuriated over those vuvuzuzevuvazelas, or whatever they’re called. They’re probably outlawed in the Bible.)

Closing thoughts on the Olympics (and the closing ceremony)

Posted in sports on March 1, 2010 by Jonathan

The figure skaters were breathtaking.

The female figure skaters were beautiful.

Every time I think Canada wants to be taken seriously, they do something like end the Olympic Games, which were spectacular, with an embarrassing, cringe-inducing routine about what it means to be a Canadian. [Note: If you have to conclude your winter games with what it means to be a citizen of your country, and you’re a country as large as Canada, something’s wrong.] I only got as far as William Shatner (who was bad) and Catherine O’Hara (who was abominable) when I tuned out, as I still wanted to retain some love for our Northern neighbors.

Great hockey game.

Norway’s national anthem: forgettable. Russia’s national anthem: amazing. I half-expected Putin himself to show up, or at least for his visage to appear on the TV set, declaring himself world leader.

Mounties are awesome.

Canadian girls are cute.

Stumble, fall, slide, win

Posted in sports on February 28, 2010 by Jonathan

The next time you think you’ve failed at something, don’t give up all hope just yet – look at the scoreboard first.

Fear the beaver

Posted in sports on February 20, 2010 by Jonathan

A Canadian Olympian has the best helmet design I’ve ever seen.

Sports of the future

Posted in sports on February 19, 2010 by Jonathan

With all the commentary about Olympic sports getting more and more dangerous, is “extreme curling” not far away?

Not my generation

Posted in music, sports on February 8, 2010 by Jonathan

I’m not a diehard football fan. In fact, the only moments that I caught of the Super Bowl were the final three minutes, by which point the Saints pretty much had a lock on it, and a few seconds of the halftime show, which looked like an infomercial for something called Seniors Gone Wild.

It was…odd.