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They don’t make them like they used to

Posted in College on September 2, 2009 by Jonathan

I remember the view from my college dorm. It looked out onto a basketball court. Which would’ve been fine were “basketball court” code for “girls’ showers.” But it wasn’t. It was a basketball court.

I got by. Some students at Boston University, however, have a slightly better view:

From the 26th floor of Boston’s newest high-rise, residents are treated to a sweeping view encompassing the historic Bunker Hill monument, the gilded dome of the State House, the majestic Harbor Islands, and the jets alighting and ascending from the distant airport. Just below, sailboats and rowing shells silently glide along the Charles River.

The view is not the only amenity. So luxurious is the 960-bed dorm that parents’ jaws dropped in disbelief when they helped their children move in last week. The suites of singles and doubles, with elegantly furnished common rooms, large private baths, walk-in closets, and floor-length mirrors, resemble nothing like what older generations remember of their college housing – sterile cinder-block boxes with institutional bunk beds and a communal bathroom down the hall.

The American Trinity

Posted in America, College, other on April 29, 2009 by Jonathan

I think I learned more about America in this 5-minute video than in a whole semester in college.

Horowitz versus the real McCarthyites

Posted in College, politics on April 18, 2009 by Jonathan

David Horowitz writes in the Wall Street Journal of his latest encounter with totalitarian leftists on a college campus:

I arrived in Austin, Texas, one evening recently to give a speech about academic freedom at the university there. Entering the hall where I was to give my speech, I was greeted — if that’s the word — by a raucous protest organized by a professor and self-styled Bolshevik, Dana Cloud. Forty protesters hoisted placards high in the air and robotically chanted “Down With Horowitz,” “Racist Go Home,” and “No More Witch-hunts.”

Two things: First, Horowitz makes the point of using the term “leftist” instead of “liberal,” not only in this article but whenever he talks about those on the left. It’s a distinction that I try to follow as well, though sometimes I’ll slip and interchange the two. “Leftist” is a harder word than “liberal.” It is also more accurate. “Liberal” connotes tolerance, open-mindedness. “Leftist,” on the other hand, suggests one who is intolerant, close-minded, and underneath that, iron-fisted. By this definition, Janeane Garofalo is not a liberal — to call her one is to show her a kindness she doesn’t show for the other side. The protesters who heckle David Horowitz wherever he speaks are not liberals — that would grant them a tolerance they do not have towards others.

Second, the article mentions accusations against Horowitz of being a McCarthyite. This fascination that leftists have with McCarthy makes me wonder: Do they hate him because of his hysterical intolerance of the other side and the platform he had on which to implement it, or because they didn’t think of him first?

“Porn on campus” update

Posted in College on April 3, 2009 by Jonathan

Sad news for the University of Maryland, where school officials cancelled the screening of the porn film Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge after local politicians threatened to cut off funding.

For the purpose of academic standards the university made a wise decision, though in all honesty the film is probably better than the third Pirates of the Caribbean.

Porn on campus

Posted in College on April 2, 2009 by Jonathan

I seem to have graduated from college a little too early:

DAVIS, Calif. — If all goes as planned tonight, hundreds of students at the University of California, Davis, will watch a $10 million pornographic movie in a chemistry lecture hall, the periodic table of elements hanging above their heads.

I’d hate to be sitting in a chair in that classroom on Monday.

Apparently, the movie is also being shown at the University of Maryland, where not all are happy about the screening:

But the chaplain of the Catholic Student Center at Maryland, the Rev. Kyle Ingels, said screening pornographic films does not lead to a positive atmosphere on campus. “We’re trying to promote greater respect on campus of all people and something like a pornographic film is not contributing to the buildup of the human person,” Ingels said. “It’s degrading to the human person. It really runs counter to our efforts to try to form people to be men and women who will go out and contribute to society.”

Where has this guy been the past few decades? First, the last time universities tried “to form people to be men and women who will go out and contribute to society” was when universities believed that men and women were inherently different, a belief that cost the president of Harvard his job a couple years back. Second, he’s right that pornography doesn’t contribute to the “buildup of the human person,” but unless he’s thinking of the days when Cotton Mather roamed the campus, neither does college.

I don’t deny the value of the science and business classes, but I do challenge the value of much of our liberal arts ones, where a student is likely to graduate knowing more about Marxist interpretation of transgender studies than who Joseph Stalin was. And really, there isn’t much of a leap from Marxist interpretation of transgender studies to full-blown porn, so if you’ve gone through a couple semesters learning that there’s homoerotic subtext in everything that’s ever been written, the idea of a skin flick being shown under the periodic table of elements isn’t beyond the pale.

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