Tea Party crashers

Because the left has pretty much owned the mass protest for the past fifty or so years, it will be interesting to see how the right does with their nationwide Tea Party demonstrations. Former leftist Roger L. Simon tells those participating to watch out for infiltrators:

Back when I was semi-card-carrying leftie, we used to spend a lot of time speculating who was the agent provocateur – read: FBI agent – at the demonstration. Usually we thought he was the most extreme character, the guy most obviously shredding his draft card in full view of the media while tossing a cherry bomb at an American flag already heavily doused in kerosene, maybe adding a little defecation into the mix. The theory was the more “out there” the acts, the more likely the motive was to discredit our “righteous” cause.

I haven’t been keeping up on these Tea Parties. Are they just like regular demonstrations, or is there a twist to them?


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